Why a community website?

Monkey_Clan_photo_7657_20081010 We have a presence on Meetup, Facebook, and recently on Twitter, why do we need a website, you might ask?

Simply put, we can do things on our own web site that will be difficult or impossible to do on these other social networks. For example, we can have a community blog, a newsletter, a permanent list of resources to share with the community, a place for recipes, pages dedicated to special causes and events and on and on. After all, this is our website, we can do anything we want with it and organize it in any way. But most importantly, I hope this site will become a space of dialog, learning, sharing and exchange of ideas.

I don’t know how successful this is going to be. We all know a plenty of very well intentioned projects that started with great enthusiasm but didn’t seem to go anywhere after a while. Perhaps, this will be a fate of this project, but I think we have some secret ingredients that might make this one different. 

First of all, this is a non-commercial project. There is no money making scheme or profit interests behind it. As such, I think we will remain independent from any commercial influence (no matter how aligned with our common causes it might be). You won’t see any brand promotions or ads on this web site. This should not stop you from talking about your favorite flavor of coconut ice-cream in a blog post. But I strongly believe that money has a corrupting influence on community projects and I think we should remain independent in order to remain successful as a community.

Second, this is a community project. It shouldn’t be just a tiny group of people creating content and making it happen. We all have jobs, families and many other commitments. If this is left to a few people who are doing it in whatever spare time they might have, it will struggle. The key is to have as many people as possible participating in every possible way. It only makes sense. We cannot build a successful community without community being involved.

Every little contribution is important. If you have an idea, a recipe, a blog post to share, some information about an event, a link, just noticed an error on a page, have a picture to contribute, any other bit you think might be helpful, please get in touch. Let’s try to grow this space and our community, together.

Take a look around the website, think of what would be a cool thing to do with it, what can be improved, changed, write a comment or maybe even a blog post about something you think a lot about lately. Contact admins and we will set everything up for you to be able to help out.

Oh, and I almost forgot about another ingredient of our success: we have animals on our side.


2 comments for “Why a community website?

  1. Anthony (Tony) Seta
    February 13, 2014 at 8:46 PM

    Anything I can do to help please E mail. Peace!

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